Jiham Calligraphy


Project Information

The client

Jiham Calligraphy merupakan sebuah syarikat yang menjual hasil seni kaligrafi untuk dipamerkan di ruang-ruang seperti ruang kediaman dan pejabat.

The goal

Tujuan pembinaan laman web ini adalah untuk menyediakan platform untuk pembeli mendapatkan produk Jiham Calligraphy dengan mudah pada bila-bila masa dan di mana sahaja.

Product page

In this page, visitor can easily browse all products and sort them according to the category.

Product sorting

Visitors can easily sort the products displayed according to the latest collection, price and best-selling.

Filter slider

Visitor can filter the product within the price range that they want.

Cart page

Visitors can view their carts and insert the details to checkout.

Checkout page

We provide 2 types of payment method in the checkout page.

Single product page

This is how the product will be displayed on pc. We show the product images vertically to make it easy for the visitor to browse the product.

Project result

This client managed to get a fully functional e-commerce shop with a clean look. Their customers can now shop Jiham’s products anytime and anywhere.